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Installing Lion: A Full Day’s Work

Yesterday morning when I started the process to install the new Mac OS on my personal laptop, I hardly expected it to take the whole day. Here what went down: 8:00 AM ¬†Shortly after I discover Lion is available on the Apple App Store, I purchase it and it starts downloading. It’s over 3 GB [...]

WWDC Wrap Up

It’s been a week now since Apple CEO Steve Jobs kicked off the keynote at eh company’s developer’s conference. Overall, I was very impressed. Sure, there’s going to be some features I’m not going to use (Launchpad), but there was quite a bit announced that I’m excited to begin using. * As an educator, I [...]

Time Machine Works, Parental Controls Don’t

The trouble with any backup strategy is that you don’t really know how it’s going to work out until disaster strikes. Will all your files be available? How much time and effort will it take? What will you do if your backup doesn’t work? Yesterday I got my opportunity to test my backup plan. It [...]

Leopard Followup

I had a chance to use Screen Sharing with iChat yesterday and the results were all I hoped it would be. A person (who had also installed Leopard) called me about a problem she was having with iTunes. I had her logon to iChat, I asked permission to Share Remote Screen and I was then [...]


On Friday, Apple released Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5), its first major operating system release in a couple years. I, of course, had to have it immediately and installed it the first chance I got. (That’s not to say I wasn’t prepared. I made sure I had a bootable backup ready to go in case [...]