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The Year That Was

I’m back! Did anyone miss me?┬áIs anyone still here? Yesterday I finished up my 23rd year of teaching. Like most school years, it defies a neat summary. There were successes and failures, some new challenges and a lot of old routines, some forward movement and too much inertia. Ironically my biggest success this year was [...]

Making an Interactive QuickTime Movie

Before Christmas, I had the students create interactive QuickTime movies that gave information about each part of the plant when it was clicked. It works by mapping out those parts and linking them to slides where students type in that information. The movie I made above walks you through all of that. Here’s an example [...]

TNT Presentations

“Why do I agree to do these presentations?” That was most prominent question going through my mind early yesterday morning as I fretted over the session I was scheduled to present at the TNT Conference at 8:00 AM. I don’t feel like I’m very good at presenting in the first place, and I didn’t feel [...]

NECC Proposal Is In

After a lot of last day rethinking and revisions, we did it: We got our NECC proposal submitted. Yesterday morning, I thought we were pretty much done – I just wanted to get our sources were correctly cited. I then made the mistake of looking at session descriptions from last year’s NECC and realized our [...]

Today’s Meeting: Using VoiceThread

Like last year, my blogging output has slowed to a crawl, now that school has started. I’m get so busy with other things (such as the job of approving students’ posts), that I have very little time to think and write on my own. Today I had to plan for the meeting of the tech [...]

Blogs, Season Two

Our school blogs are up and running for the new school year. It’ll be interesting to see what becomes of them. There are five teachers using them with their students, and they’re all approaching them differently. Some of them are giving their students the choice about to write about, and others are having them type [...]

A Statement of Purpose (2008)

Officially my school year doesn’t begin until a week from today, but this marks the second week I’ve been back in El Paso, setting things up, putting things in place. I’m feeling guardedly optimistic about the upcoming school year. Or to put it another way, someone asked me the other day what big plans for [...]

Creating with Scratch

Using Scratch to Teach Programming at the Elementary Level Christopher Michaud July 1, 2008 Christopher Michaud is the music teacher at Nebo Elementary in Dallas, Georgia. He also has his students making very impressive Scratch projects, a few of which he showed us at his session. Scratch is a programming language developed by MIT for [...]

Top Five Student Blog Posts

Last year was my first as technology coordinator at Edgemere. It was a year of challenges, of finding my feet. I didn’t meet all my goals, but I am happy to say that we got some things started at my school. It wasn’t all talk, we took a little bit of action. Even better, I [...]

Developing a Work Ethic

I recently came across a great quote that was recently shared by Chris Lehmann via Twitter. It was written in 1917 by a New York City elementary school principal and author named Angelo Patri: It isn’t what you teach the children that counts. They forget most of the knowledge given them. What they need is [...]