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A Spoon for Every Bite

A Spoon for Every Bite is a Southwestern folktale written by Joe Hayes. It is about a poor man and woman who invite their rich compadre over for dinner. During the meal, the poor couple mention a neighbor who has a different spoon for every bite of food they have. The vain rich man is [...]

Hosseini’s Past and Future

Khaled Hosseini has hinted that his next book is going to be based somewhere other than Afghanistan, so it’s going to be interesting to see how he pulls that off. It’s not as if the settings of his first two books (The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns) are the only reason they’re worth [...]

A Platform For Reason

I like to read books that make me think or teach me about something new. Which is why I’ve made it a rule to never read a book written by a politician. Instead of challenging your thinking, they generally want to flatter it so you’ll like them better. But I recently broke my rule to [...]

Connecting Readers and Books

There was yet another high profile Harry-Potter-makes-no-difference column published this week, this time in the Washington Post by their book editor Ron Charles. Mr. Charles is clearly not a Potter fan, but he’s particularly nasty to those that are, observing of adult readers of the series, “I’d like to think that this is a romantic [...]