Leopard Followup

by Dean Mattson

I had a chance to use Screen Sharing with iChat yesterday and the results were all I hoped it would be. A person (who had also installed Leopard) called me about a problem she was having with iTunes. I had her logon to iChat, I asked permission to Share Remote Screen and I was then able to see the problem occuring. After a quick search at Apple’s discussion forums, I was able to determine the problem was being caused by an third-party plugin. I trashed that and the problem was solved!

I also found the need to use Spaces tonight. I was making a page to go along with a website that the first grade teachers wanted to use tomorrow. I want the students to predict what they think will happen before they manipulate the items on the website, which means I wanted to get the exact objects in each area and the exact order as well. At first this meant a lot of going back and forth between windows and trying to move them so I could see both at the same time – difficult to do on a laptop! After a few minutes of struggling with this, I thought, “This might be a good time to check out Spaces.” After a minute of figuring out how it works, I had one screen with the worksheet and image files and a second screen with the webpage and I was able to switch back and forth between them with ease.

I may be using Spaces quite often after all.

Finally, I have an answer to a question I’ve been curious about: Yes, AppleWorks still works under 10.5. If you’re still using it, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Though you really should start thinking about going with something that’s a little more up-to-date.