Lessons: El Paso Missions

by Dean Mattson

I’ve decided that one of the things I’m going to do in this blog is to write about some of the ideas for lessons I have in the computer lab. First, it’ll help me to remember to do them. Maybe it’ll give other people ideas on how they can integrate technology in their classrooms or schools.

Every year, fourth grade students at our school take a field trip to the historical missions in the area. This series of lessons could be done a week or two before they take that field trip. It’s to familiarize with some information before they go, such as when they were built, where they are and who they were built for.

1. Student would work in pairs to read information about the El Paso Missions on selected websites in order to sort the facts to the correct mission on a Wallwisher wall I created. When complete, they could print that information.

2. Students would produce pictures of the three missions in a drawing program such as KidPix and export the drawings.

3. Students would make a presentation of their information and their pictures using Keynote or Powerpoint.