iPhone 4 Followup

by Dean Mattson

I watched Steve Jobs’ press conference yesterday and I thought he did well. Although he didn’t apologize for any mistakes he or the company have made in the past several weeks besides a general “we’re not perfect,” he made a decent explanation on what was causing the iPhone 4′s receptions problems and made reasonable steps to make the situation right.

I’m still not entirely convinced having that antenna making up the outside band of that phone is such a good idea, Mr. Jobs made a convincing argument that this was totally overblown – most of the people who have bought the new iPhone are not having this problem. A very small percentage of them are reporting this problem to Apple support or returning their phones.

Still, to alleviate the problems some users are having, Apple is giving everyone who has bought an iPhone a free bumper, which seems to solve the problem, or they can bring it back for a full refund. For me, I think these are totally fine solutions. Hopefully the media frenzy will die down and move on to their next victims.