Will AT&T’s New Data Plan Change My Plans?

by Dean Mattson

There’s an interesting new dimension in my plans to use ipadio next school year: Last week, AT&T announced changes to its data plans. As an existing iPhone customer, I could keep my current unlimited data plan at $30 a month, but I could change it to a 2G per month plan for $25 or 250MB a plan for $15.

Previous to May, the most data I used in any month was a little over 150 MB a month. With that in consideration, the $15 a month plan would be the ideal choice. But in May, when I started uploading the school’s morning announcements every morning, I used over 400 MB! Since my school district currently blocks ipadio, I have to upload everything over 3G instead of wifi.

If I’m going to continue to record the announcements next school year, clearly I’m going to have to try to get my district to unblock this website. I’m not sure if I’m going to do this, right now I’m leaning toward recording my lessons instead. Still even that’s not worth me paying an extra $15 a month.

I’m not only one facing a choice due to the new data plans. App developers are especially worried about what AT&T’s new policy is going to mean to their app sales. Me, I’m just grateful I can cut a few bucks off my monthly expenses for a change.