Mass Transit in Google Maps

by Dean Mattson

Ok, this is old news, but it’s new to me and it’s still very cool. So I was looking around Denver in the Maps app on my iPhone and I wanted to see the route between the hotel I’m staying at and the Colorado Convention Center, where this year’s  ISTE conference is being held later this month. I checked out the route by foot (too far, unfortunately), then by car, and then I decided to click the bus icon. Now this button has never done anything for me in the past, but look what came up this time!!

Train and bus routes, complete with arrival and departure times. How cool is that!

This feature’s been around a few years but it skipped my attention, probably because El Paso unfortunately is not one of the cities where this service is available. Too bad. I think this is incredibly helpful and I look forward to using it in Denver.