Editor’s Choice

by Dean Mattson

Speaking of the iPad, I have to say my favorite app on it has to be the New York Times Editor’s Choice. I think it does a great job of bringing the experience of reading a newspaper in a digital format. No, you don’t get the tactile feel of leafing through the physical pages (or the ink on your fingers), but you do get the headlines, the photos and the placement of the stories in an eye-catching way which often will convey the story’s importance.

Instead of scanning a list of stories on most online news websites and stopping to read only the stories on topics I have an interest in, I find myself taking a close look at all the stories the Editor’s Choice app gives me. I don’t go on and read the full articles of all the stories, but I do read a much higher percentage of them.

It doesn’t present the whole paper and doesn’t give any option to see or search the NYT archives (presumably that’s coming in a subscription app), but what’s here is still pretty great. Just this weekend, I’ve read great stories about -

And many more! I’m looking forward to all the great information I’m going to find out tomorrow and in on-coming days.