The Case of the Non-Charging iPod

by Dean Mattson

I got a little scare yesterday when my iPod Touch was no longer charging after connecting it to my computer with its USB cord nor was it showing up in iTunes.

I went to Apple’s support pages and customer forums for possible fixes but none of them worked. I even went as far as wiping everything off of it, but to no avail. Out of ideas and with my iPod nearly out of battery, things seemed hopeless. I was steadying myself for an expected trip to Best Buy to purchase a replacement.

Yet something seemed a little off. After all, the iPod was working fine except for the fact that it wasn’t able to make a connection through the cord.

That gave me an idea. I got a paperclip and started poking around the iPod’s connector on the bottom. To my surprise, I was able to take out a significant amount of lint that gotten itself nested in there. I reconnected the iPod to my computer, and – sure enough – it started charging again and soon showed up in iTunes. After all my files got recopied over, I was back to normal.

Crises averted!