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Today’s Meeting: Using VoiceThread

Like last year, my blogging output has slowed to a crawl, now that school has started. I’m get so busy with other things (such as the job of approving students’ posts), that I have very little time to think and write on my own. Today I had to plan for the meeting of the tech [...]

August 2008 Links

Here are some interesting websites I found during the last month that I want to keep for future reference: NECC 2009 – The big grandaddy of tech conferences is going to be held next year in Washington, DC, and is currently accepting proposals. TNT 2008 – The annual technology conference they put on in El [...]

In Every Problem Lies an Opportunity

There is no doubt that our world is faced with countless problems, but the biggest mistake a person could make is to look into the future and only seeing those problems. The trick is to seeing them as opportunities. Let me give you a small example of what I mean. While I’ve been planning for [...]

Online Quizzes

Back in the day when I was a classroom teacher, I often had my students take an online quiz as one of their homework assignments. They would like it because the quizzes would be short and wouldn’t take them a long time to finish; I would like it because it would reinforce some of the [...]

A Statement of Purpose (2008)

Officially my school year doesn’t begin until a week from today, but this marks the second week I’ve been back in El Paso, setting things up, putting things in place. I’m feeling guardedly optimistic about the upcoming school year. Or to put it another way, someone asked me the other day what big plans for [...]

Double Standard?

Like every school, we go through a lot of effort making sure we don’t reveal too much information about students on the Internet. We have a rule about not putting a children’s picture with their full name on the web site. (We try to avoid putting even their first name.) Not only do we tell [...]

The Connections, Not the Technology

Tuesday Keynote Jim Carleton and Mali Bickley interviewed by Lester Holt July 1, 2008 Instead of a lecture-type keynote like we saw on Sunday evening with James Surowiecki, Tuesday’s featured two Canadian elementary school teachers being interviewed by NBC’s Lester Holt, anchor of the weekend Today show. So it was more like seeing an extended segment [...]

Creating with Scratch

Using Scratch to Teach Programming at the Elementary Level Christopher Michaud July 1, 2008 Christopher Michaud is the music teacher at Nebo Elementary in Dallas, Georgia. He also has his students making very impressive Scratch projects, a few of which he showed us at his session. Scratch is a programming language developed by MIT for [...]

Big Questions

School 2.0: Combining Progressive Pedagogy and 21st-Century Tools Chris Lehmann July 1, 2008 One of the great things about attending NECC is the chance to see some of the innovative educational leaders you’ve been reading. On the top of my list would have to be Chris Lehmann, the principal of the Science Leadership Academy, a [...]

Into the Book

Online Tools for Reading Comprehension Instruction Peggy Garties with Kristen Leglar July 1, 2008  The main focus for this session was an OUTSTANDING website for teaching reading to elementary students in grades 3-4. One part of the website has activities for student and other part has a ton of resources for teachers. Both sections are [...]