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Math Sense

A headline that says it all.

Constructionist Learning

A couple of days ago on her blog, Sylvia Martinez shared Dr. Seymour Papert’s Eight Big Ideas Behind the Constructionist Learning Lab. Since I think they’re extremely insightful and I want to refer to them later, I’m going to include them here. Eight Big Ideas Behind the Constructionist Learning Lab By Dr. Seymour Papert The [...]

The Year That Was

I’m back! Did anyone miss me?┬áIs anyone still here? Yesterday I finished up my 23rd year of teaching. Like most school years, it defies a neat summary. There were successes and failures, some new challenges and a lot of old routines, some forward movement and too much inertia. Ironically my biggest success this year was [...]

Motivational Challenges

Like most teachers, I’ve used a lot of different types of rewards to try to motivate my students over the years, and I’ve always been dismissive of those who criticize the use of them. Sure, students who are self-motivated learners are far preferable than the alternative, but not all of them are going to be [...]

ISTE 2010: How to Avoid a Wasted Session

As the technology coordinator at my school, it’s often up to me to provide professional development for our teachers in this area. Lots of times they work out, sometimes they turn out to be a total waste of time for one reason or another. For this reason, I always try to analyze the sessions I [...]

ISTE 2010: Extreme Makeover

Steve Dembo is one funny guy. He kinda resembles John Belushi and has the same blustery-with-a-wink personality. He had the participants laughing throughout this hour long session. It was called Extreme Makeover: Education Edition and the idea was that he was going to teach tech newbies how to use some Web 2.0 tools. I was [...]

Denver Day One

I’ve just got back to my hotel after my first full day at ISTE 2010. It went well. Things don’t really get going until tomorrow for me. Today, I tried to find my way around the city and figure out where everything is at the convention center. Here are some highlights of Day 1: * [...]

Interactive Whiteboards: Worth the Expense?

The Washington Post printed an interesting article on interactive whiteboards about a week ago. Although it presented both sides, it was clearly skeptical of whiteboard manufacturer claims that these devices made a significant positive impact on students’ learning. I can’t disagree with this conclusion. Although they are impressive devices and a lot of effort, skill [...]

Simple Podcasting

I started doing a podcast about four years ago when I was still a classroom teacher. It was a time consuming process. I would record it in multiple takes with a portable recorder; transfer all the files to a computer; listen to all the recording and pick out the best parts; copy those to a [...]

It’s Not Just Us

Chris Lehmann has a brilliant new post I recommend you read. He’s written often how teachers are good people in a bad system and I always wondered what he meant by that. In this post, he fleshes that out quite a bit: And yet, there are teachers all over this country doing their best. . [...]