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The Year That Was

I’m back! Did anyone miss me?┬áIs anyone still here? Yesterday I finished up my 23rd year of teaching. Like most school years, it defies a neat summary. There were successes and failures, some new challenges and a lot of old routines, some forward movement and too much inertia. Ironically my biggest success this year was [...]

Blogging 2010

Although we haven’t quite got blogging right at my school, I continue to believe it’s the most important tool a school can use for students starting in about fourth grade. The reason why is it’s so versatile. If you use a blogging platform like WordPress like we do, you can post images, video and audio [...]

Today’s Meeting: Using VoiceThread

Like last year, my blogging output has slowed to a crawl, now that school has started. I’m get so busy with other things (such as the job of approving students’ posts), that I have very little time to think and write on my own. Today I had to plan for the meeting of the tech [...]

A Statement of Purpose (2008)

Officially my school year doesn’t begin until a week from today, but this marks the second week I’ve been back in El Paso, setting things up, putting things in place. I’m feeling guardedly optimistic about the upcoming school year. Or to put it another way, someone asked me the other day what big plans for [...]


Last Thursday, the fourth grade invited me to accompany them on a field trip to Carlsbad Caverns. It made for a long day as we left around 9 and didn’t get back to El Paso until 11:30 or so, but it was a good time. We had gone a couple of times a few years [...]

I’m a Publisher!

Yes, I’m a publisher! It’s been a dream of mine to write my own book. That probably won’t happen for a variety of reasons, but putting together my own book comes pretty close! This year, I accepted the responsibility of putting together a yearbook for our school’s sixth graders. For a long time, it looked [...]

Developing a Work Ethic

I recently came across a great quote that was recently shared by Chris Lehmann via Twitter. It was written in 1917 by a New York City elementary school principal and author named Angelo Patri: It isn’t what you teach the children that counts. They forget most of the knowledge given them. What they need is [...]

With A Little Help From My Friends

Yesterday our school got three more Promethean boards, complete with stands. With a lot of help, I was able to put them together so we would have them for some trainings we’re going to have this afternoon. I started putting together the first one after school. It soon became clear that there was no way [...]

Integrating Technology Through Projects

One of my strongest beliefs about education is we have to get students actively creating more in schools rather than passively taking in information. Which sounds good, of course. But then you have to come up with something they can do, which isn’t always so easy. Then you have to come up with a way [...]

A Sneak Peak

Here’s a sneak peak for you. Here’s a video I made using Animoto for our school’s Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Vasquez. The audio got cut off at the end, so I’ll probably be redoing it. One thing I learned: Animoto likes a lot of photos – one for every two seconds that you want [...]