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Installing Lion: A Full Day’s Work

Yesterday morning when I started the process to install the new Mac OS on my personal laptop, I hardly expected it to take the whole day. Here what went down: 8:00 AM  Shortly after I discover Lion is available on the Apple App Store, I purchase it and it starts downloading. It’s over 3 GB [...]

WWDC Wrap Up

It’s been a week now since Apple CEO Steve Jobs kicked off the keynote at eh company’s developer’s conference. Overall, I was very impressed. Sure, there’s going to be some features I’m not going to use (Launchpad), but there was quite a bit announced that I’m excited to begin using. * As an educator, I [...]

iPhone 4 Followup

I watched Steve Jobs’ press conference yesterday and I thought he did well. Although he didn’t apologize for any mistakes he or the company have made in the past several weeks besides a general “we’re not perfect,” he made a decent explanation on what was causing the iPhone 4′s receptions problems and made reasonable steps [...]

The iPhone 4 Antenna Issue: A Non-Sensationalized Perspective

What’s maybe most remarkable about the recent coverage of the iPhone’s antenna issues is the inability of our mass media to get the story right. It makes you wonder: If they can’t explain something as simple as a phone, how can we trust them to explain important, really complicated events like wars and the economy? [...]

Editor’s Choice

Speaking of the iPad, I have to say my favorite app on it has to be the New York Times Editor’s Choice. I think it does a great job of bringing the experience of reading a newspaper in a digital format. No, you don’t get the tactile feel of leafing through the physical pages (or [...]

First iPad Impressions

When the iPad was first announced, it seemed like the most common reaction I heard was, “What am I going to use that for?” I knew right away. While I liked all the capabilities and the portability of my iPhone and it was the device I had with me when I was in my living [...]

The Case of the Non-Charging iPod

I got a little scare yesterday when my iPod Touch was no longer charging after connecting it to my computer with its USB cord nor was it showing up in iTunes. I went to Apple’s support pages and customer forums for possible fixes but none of them worked. I even went as far as wiping [...]

How to Allow Non-Admin Users to Add Printers in Leopard

With Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard), Apple added a new feature: non-admin users are no longer able to add printers without an administrator password. This has been true of Windows for quite awhile and I’m sure it’s much needed in some environments, but it would result in a lot of trouble for me. A lot [...]

Ten Years Ago Today

I read this story about the iMac’s tenth anniversary with probably more interest than the average reader because that was my very first computer. I remember it being announced several months before it went on sale so I had already decided to buy it and was anticipating the day it would finally be available. That [...]

Apple’s Meltdown

Apple’s been on such a roll for so long now, you start to take it for granted. Even when they have taken a hit, like they did last year when they were accused of gouging their customers with the high price of the original iPhone, they barely flinch as they keep barreling ahead. That’s what [...]