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iPad Gem: Bento

Almost anyone that works in a school these days is required to keep track of a lot of data these days, and I am no exception. Among other things, I have a list every student in the school to keep track of their log-in information and I also keep an inventory of all the technology [...]

iPad Gem: Flipboard

Flipboard is an innovative new app which gives you a much better way to read your Twitter and, to a lesser extent, your Facebook accountss. What it does it take all the updates, the pictures and the links to articles the people you follow have posted and then puts them into a magazine type format. [...]

Editor’s Choice

Speaking of the iPad, I have to say my favorite app on it has to be the New York Times Editor’s Choice. I think it does a great job of bringing the experience of reading a newspaper in a digital format. No, you don’t get the tactile feel of leafing through the physical pages (or [...]

First iPad Impressions

When the iPad was first announced, it seemed like the most common reaction I heard was, “What am I going to use that for?” I knew right away. While I liked all the capabilities and the portability of my iPhone and it was the device I had with me when I was in my living [...]