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Midnight in Paris

It’s easy to forget now, but it wasn’t so long ago that Woody Allen was almost universally respected as a brilliantly funny writer and filmmaker. He’s one of the few directors to have a comedy win an Oscar. But in the years since then, his films have become much less funny and he became involved [...]

No Movies To See

Apparently movie attendance over the Memorial Day holiday was the worst in 17 years. Is anyone surprised? Does anyone want to see a movie that hasn’t already been out for months?

Best Pictures 2010

The nominated films for this year’s Oscars were announced this week. This year there’s 10 nominees instead of 5, which I think is good since there’s a wider range of films nominated. Two of my favorites – District 9 and Up – probably wouldn’t have made it otherwise. Here’s my ratings and some thoughts on [...]

Is Today Any Different?

Roger Ebert has never struck me as a public scold, so it surprised me to see a recent blog post of his where he bemoaned the fact that young people don’t read film critics anymore, which, to him, is a sign that they’re getting dumber. If I mention the cliché “the dumbing-down of America,” it’s [...]

Slumdog Millionaire

Bored and tired of the constant high winds that have been battering Ruidoso during Christmas break, I set off for El Paso yesterday to do a few errands and catch a movie. Slumdog Millionaire , the movie I saw, is certainly an interesting film – it stands apart in its setting, topic and structure. It’s [...]