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U2 Rise Again

Rare among even the best entertainers, U2 knows how to rise to the moment. In 2002, they gave us the greatest Super Bowl halftime moment with their 9/11 tribute, and just a couple of days ago, they did something that was also very cool. They dedicated “Beautiful Day” to Arizona Congresswoman Gaby Giffords and had [...]

Star Spangled Banner

In honor of Memorial Day and also as an example of the versatile powers of ipadio, I am proud to present this recording of the “Star Spangled Banner” I made during a school band concert last week:

Music Sharing

In many ways, popular music is the most powerful mode of communication there is. Because it can capture thoughts (with the lyrics) and moods (with melody and the arrangement) and because it is so tied to a particular time, we have songs that instantly remind us of particular people or particular experiences in our lives. [...]

Song of the Summer

My vote for Song of the Summer would have to be Panic in the Disco’s amazing song “When the Day Met the Night.” It’s everything a summer song should be – poppy, happy, optimistic, frothy and catchier than an old Grass Roots 45. The lyrics aren’t the focus in a song like this, so nobody’s [...]